News scritte da Micciché Rosangela

News scritte da Micciché Rosangela

Micciché Rosangela

Il whistleblowing quale strumento di prevenzione e di lotta agli abusi sessuali e alla corruzione nel diritto canonico e nel diritto vaticano



The article deals with the Anglo-Saxon legal institution of 'whistleblowing', which has recently become part of the Italian legal system as well. This legal institute has become an effective tool in the fight against Vatican corruption and sexual abuse of minors or vulnerable persons in the Church. The institute of 'whistleblowing' has had echoes in Vatican and Canon Law with the enactment of the Law on Transparency in Public Finance Management of 26 April 2021 and with the new version of the Motu Proprio 'Vox estis lux mundi' of 25 March 2023. In the Church, the inclusion of the institute of "whistleblowing" therefore represents a high-performance legal tool for combating whistleblowing conduct, thanks to its operational mechanism that creates an optimal balance between protecting the whistleblower and guaranteeing the whistleblower.

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