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JUS - 2004 - 2

digital JUS - 2004 - 2
Fascicolo digitale
Rivista JUS
Fascicolo 2 - 2004
Titolo JUS - 2004 - 2
Editore Vita e Pensiero
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Filosofia del diritto

L’aporia del «Conflitto epidemico» di Guido Rossi ovvero il mercato tra legge sovrana e moralità individuale
di Lucio Franzese pagine: 8 € 6,00
In his latest book Il conflitto epidemico, Guido Rossi points out neither self-regulation nor legal order can be regarded as remedies for conflicts of interests, to which recent market failures are related; the review, that draws the philosophical implications of Rossi’s analysis, argues the Author, who isn’t totally free from the prejudices of traditional theories, neverthless considers restoration of morality, and, in larger sense, return to pre-modern-science «unity of knowledges», as possible keys to build a new order of the market.

Diritto pubblico

Sussidiarietà e organizzazione dinamica
di Giorgio Berti pagine: 8 € 6,00
The author takes his cue from the examined monograf and the points out the variety of the theoretical outline and the practical utilizations of the subsidiary principle inside the States and the European Community.
Globalizzazione, mercati finanziari ed investimenti in beni pubblici: spunti per un dibattito in corso
pagine: 10 € 6,00
The author confronts various legal and financial problems connected with the structural and functional transformations of the stock-markets within the picture globalisation.
I regolamenti nel disordine delle fonti
di Danila Iacovelli pagine: 48 € 6,00
The picture of sources changes. A lot of different subjects enter the normative process, especially through regulations. This is a clear sign of the pluralism that characterizes the contemporary democracies. The central government plays a leading role in the production of the roles mainly through its traditional sources, the regulations. After the constitutional reform, the local governments are grown-up and also their regulations, which take spaces from the competence of the state.
Le fondazioni di origine bancaria oggi
di Teresa Cariello pagine: 18 € 6,00
The author analyzes the question concerning the institutions of banking origin. From the back-ground of such organization, he explains its troubled story just to nowadays. In particular, throughout two recent sentences of the Constitutional Court, he tries to place these foundations in a modern concept of public administration, toward the latest changes of the Constitution too.


Il Code du patrimoine archéologique, historique et des arts traditionnels e la tutela del patrimonio culturale della Tunisia
di Fabio Maniscalco pagine: 19 € 6,00
Tunisia, a melting pot of different civilizations, has always had a rich cultural activity, as testified by its prestigious museums and cultural institutions. This important Country of the Maghreb, consistently, has pursued a policy of openness in its international relations and has sustained various efforts to promote the cultural tourism. The article aims to emphasize the legal activities of safeguard and appraisal of Tunisia’s cultural heritage. In particular, the author describes the main institutions charged to protect Tunisia’s cultural heritage, and analyses the «Heritage Code», law no. 94-35.