News scritte da HRYTSENKO HALYNA H.

News scritte da HRYTSENKO HALYNA H.


Grounds for Occurrence of Civil Law Obligations Involving Plurality of Person



The topic under study, namely the deterrent effect of the Ukrainian child labour legislation, is quite relevant today. This is conditioned by the fact that THE number of cases of using chil-dren as labour is constantly growing, which indicates a negative trend of violations of both children's rights and the Labour Code of Ukraine. This phenomenon is extremely negative for society, moreover, it has a detrimental effect on children, who are the future of the nation. Thus, the purpose of this study is to analyse the current legal norms regulating the protection of the rights of the child, in particular from their arbitrary violation in the labour sphere. In addition, it is necessary to investigate the dynamics of their violations, to establish the main factors affecting this process, and to determine sanctions for such offences. To achieve this goal, various methods of scientific research were applied, in particular, both general and le-gal, since the subject of the study is legal. Theoretical methods are the method of logical anal-ysis, synthesis, comparative analysis, deduction, abstraction, and the analysis of scientific lit-erature. The legal methods should include the method of content analysis, and the compara-tive and legal method. As a result, solid conclusions were obtained, consisting of a theoretical component, in particular, an analysis of regulations concerning child labour, and a practical one, in which the main causes and features of the above-mentioned norms were established. In future studies on this topic, it is necessary to identify gaps in the current legislation on chil-dren's rights, in particular in the field of labour, and, accordingly, to formulate ways to elimi-nate them. The practical value of this work lies in the fact that the analysis of the current legis-lation took place in comparison with foreign acts, therefore, it formed important recommen-dations that should be used in future rule-making activities to stop the violation of children's rights in the labour sphere.

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