News scritte da Cardia Carlo

News scritte da Cardia Carlo

Cardia Carlo

Genitorialità e filiazione tra antropologia e diritto



Family and parenting are the anthropological foundations of the human being, beyond the religious views of each; are the “Pillars of Hercules” posed to guarantee the formation and growth of new generations. Gender theories deny the right to dual parenting and severed the right of those who are born to be accepted, and cared for, in a human way, with affection and complementary care of father and mother. Moreover, the so-called “Surrogacy” introduces a new form of slavish use of the body and the psyche of the woman, to meet the wishes of others. In the bio-ethical debate today are in play essential principles of humanistic anthropology to be protected, if you want to protect the weaker parties and ensure a future integral to new generations.

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