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News scritte da BOIKO IRYNA


Globalisation of administrative law in the context of modern challenges and threats



The purpose of this study is to clarify the role of administrative law in ensuring the global public interest, outline the approaches that are used in administrative regulation when formu-lating the content of public interest, ways to ensure it, and the ratio of public and private in-terests of individuals, establish whether administrative law acquires signs of globality. Meth-ods such as observation, analysis, generalization, and abstraction were used in the study. It was established that the development of global administrative law is designed to solve the problem of adapting national mechanisms of administrative regulation for their use in the global administrative space to ensure global public interest. The development of global ad-ministrative law in such areas as ensuring sanitary and epidemic well-being, the use of outer space, environmental safety, and the use of information networks is inevitable. The study co-vers the development of global, not international law. The signs of such “globality” are pre-cisely the global public interest and global space.

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