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Durata «ragionevole» e processo «giusto». Rilievi di diritto comparato

digital Durata «ragionevole» e processo «giusto».
Rilievi di diritto comparato
rivista JUS
fascicolo JUS - 2015 - 3
titolo Durata «ragionevole» e processo «giusto». Rilievi di diritto comparato
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 03-2016
issn 00226955 (stampa)
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The «unreasonable» time and the unbearable delays in adjudicating civil litigations are the worst troubles, that, nowadays, modern societies have still to face. There can be no doubt that a too late justice is finally destined to turn to an «unjust» determination of the case (or, in other words, to a substantial injustice), with heavy economic costs and wide social disadvantages. This serious problem, both in civil law systems and in common law countries, is well known ; but everywhere the best legislative attempts and efforts, in order to improve the judiciary and the proceedings’ efficiency, are too often crowned with failure. This essay tries to analyze – in a broad constitutional perspective, with special reference to spanish, portuguese and latin american systems – the strict relationship that exists between the «reasonable» time in civil trials and the «fair process» guarantees’ effectiveness.