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La rilevanza economica della Carta Ecumenica

digital La rilevanza economica della Carta Ecumenica
rivista JUS
fascicolo JUS - 2008 - 2-3
titolo La rilevanza economica della Carta Ecumenica
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 02-2008
issn 00226955 (stampa)
€ 6,00

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The Ecumenical Charter giving the lines of conduct meant to improve the co-operation among the Churches in Europe was subscribed both by the President of the Conference of European Churches (KEK) and by the President of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) on 22nd April 2001. The Charter has a fundamental importance for the development of the progress towards Christians’ unity in our continent. As to the function of this document within the canonical regulations it is important to point out that all the obligations have been subscribed by a european episcopal organization. The document respects the fulfillments provided for the statutes, with the approval of the Holy See and it is subscribed jointly with the organization which connects all the other Christian Churches in the continent. The above mentioned elements allow us to think that the Ecumenical Charter has a real legal significance in the canonical regulations.