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La funzione amministrativa tra Regioni ed Enti locali

digital La funzione amministrativa tra Regioni ed Enti locali
rivista JUS
fascicolo JUS - 2005 - 3
titolo La funzione amministrativa tra Regioni ed Enti locali
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 09-2005
issn 00226955 (stampa)
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After the constitutional reform of 2001, the new statutes of the (ordinary) regions should offer a greatly renewed institutional frame of reference. The changes also affect the administrative role and organisational choices of the regions, allowing a correct application of the principles set out in art. 118 Cost. This should ensure a system of distributing administrative functions that is as decentralised as possible. It will be necessary to evaluate the autonomous local councils so the regions are left with only those functions which can not be broken down, or are matters of coordination or high level administration. This should bring about a drastic reduction of regional agencies whose work is often involved with local authorities' roles. However, the statutes which have been approved so far have mostly maintained a strongly centralising character with a not proper administrative role for the regions and a clear tendency to regional-centrism. In addition, the statutes have given scarce attention to «even-handed» either procedural or structural relations between regions and local councils.