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Paolo Gallo

Libri dell'autore

Il dopo 11 Settembre: un nuovo concetto giuridico di «pericolo». Tra libertà individuale ed esigenze di tutela della sicurezza collettiva digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2007 - 2-3
Anno: 2007
The offenses of danger, the difference between actual and alleged danger. The rules on international terrorism and the compression of individual rights in the presence of threats to collective security. The subjective freedom after 11 September and the need to recognize protections for citizens to avoid arbitrary compressions individual freedoms without real justification. The forms of protection possible: Parliament control, control of Constitutional Court.
€ 6,00
La giurisprudenza «distruttiva»: nuovi parametri giurisprudenziali per la lettura dell’art. 633 del c.p.c. e loro recepimento legislativo digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2004 - 1
Anno: 2004
This considerations are about the role of the Italian and communitary Case Law in a new interpretation of the art. 633 Italian Procedural Code (notification of the Payment Order to debtor resident foreign Italy). The critical path analysis of the Case Law, that it's not omogeneous and, often, contraddictory, permit to see the conditioning role that the Courts can have against the law-Giver. Here, on put in evidence the relation beetween the national and communitary Case Law of Courts, and that there are more differences beetween the Italian legal sistem and communitary legal sistem.
€ 6,00