Libri di Cesare Cavallini - libri Jus Vita e Pensiero

Cesare Cavallini

Titoli dell'autore

Vittorio Colesanti Maestro digital
Anno: 2009
A «lesson of freedom», translated as a «freedom of thought», is the core of Vittorio Colesanti’s strict as well as human teaching which has allowed the sensibility of the learner to be naturally guided and, thus, to grow in the academic environment, whose elitist purpose is to be conceived primarily as a method of education. This traditional perception of University, focused on the central role of individuals, reflects also the main idea of cooptation that stems from a qualitative assessment of the merit that Vittorio Colesanti was able to realize. In such a way he has not been like a chief of a School, nevertheless is honestly acknowledged as a Master.
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