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Carlo Rusconi

Libri dell'autore

D.d.l. delega n. 1151/2019 e introduzione di un certificato successorio di diritto interno novitàdigital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2020 - 1
Anno: 2020
The essay provides remarks on the creation of a national certificate of succession planned by the law proposal (d.d.l. delega) n. 1151/2019. In particular, attention is paid to the consequences on the rules of the “apparent” heir and to the problem of the competence to issue the certificate...
€ 6,00
Volti e risvolti della dignità umana digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2019 - 3
Anno: 2019
The seventieth anniversary of the German constitution, with the famous art. 1 which proclaims the inviolability of human dignity, constitutes an opportunity to reflect on the meaning and implications of the value of dignity in the constitutional systems of the post-Auschwitz period in the light of the most relevant international conventions...
€ 6,00
La responsabilità verso i piccoli “umiliati e offesi” tra diritto civile e diritto canonico digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2014 - 2 - Giovani romanisti milanesi incontrano Gérard Chouquer
Anno: 2014
This essay considers whether diocese and parish could be held vicariously liable under article 2049 c.c. (Italian civil code) for child sexual abuse committed by clergy...
€ 6,00