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Anna Sammassimo

Anna Sammassimo
Vita e Pensiero
Anna Sammassimo è ricercatrice di Diritto canonico ed ecclesiastico all’Università Cattolica di Milano e avvocato della Curia Romana. Ha ottenuto l’Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale alla seconda fascia nel 2015. Tiene da diversi anni seminari di diritto matrimoniale canonico, sostanziale e processuale, presso la Facoltà di Giurisprudenza dell’Università Cattolica. Membro del Comitato di redazione di Jus. Rivista di scienze giuridiche, è autrice di varie pubblicazioni a carattere scientifico.

Libri dell'autore

Multiculturalismo religiosamente caratterizzato e diritti fondamentali: la necessita di un “codice comune e condiviso” digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2018 - 3
Anno: 2018
The relationship between religion and multiculturalism is complex, depending on definitions of the key concepts and the societal contexts in which it occurs. In Western Europe discussions of multiculturalism usually involve religion: in fact, issues of religious diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism are deeply intertwined in our history, culture, and legal arrangements. Thus the two spheres of social regulation, law and religion, each tend to expand their claims. The old solution of an alliance between an organised religion and a law is not available in the multicultural society...
€ 6,00
Chierici e pubblici poteri nei Promessi Sposi di Alessandro Manzoni digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2017 - 1
Anno: 2017
Manzoni can be considered a legal historian like Dickens and so many other novelists. In fact, he has succeeded in humanizing stereotyped formulas of law in Renzo and Lucia’s novel. What he is concerned with is the machinery by which the law is enforced, the men who enforced it, the conditions in which these men lived and the actual effects of the rules of law, substantive and adjective, upon the men and the women of his day...
€ 6,00
Messa alla prova e personalismo di ispirazione cristiana. Brevi riflessioni in margine al volume Minori devianti a Milano. Ricerca interprofessionale sulla messa alla prova digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2013 - 3
Anno: 2013
The book Minori devianti a Milano. Ricerca interprofessionale sulla messa alla prova is the result of research conducted by the Creada...
€ 6,00
De iure condendo: una lex propria per il Collegio cardinalizio? digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2013 - 2
Anno: 2013
De iure condendo: a ‘Lex Propria’ for the College of Cardinals. The Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus, in the articles 22 and 23 states the possibility that ‘‘by mandate of the Supreme Pontiff, the cardinals in charge of dicasteries meet together several times a year to examine more important questions, coordinate their activities, so that they may be able to exchange information and take counsel’’ so as to see that ‘‘more serious business of a general character can be usefully dealt with, if the Supreme Pontiff so decides, by the cardinals assembled in plenary consistory according to proper law’’. The above-quoted ‘Lex Propria’ does not, however, exist yet. This paper of ours proposes first to give a short and necessarily partial coverage of the history of the College of Cardinals. After this, we wish to relate the decisive moments and the reasons that cyclically have brought about the College’s structural revision. As a consequence, the revision fits in with the hierarchical Church structure. Then, our paper means to illustrate the current debate in the College, above all about the hypothesis explicitly foreseen in the Pastor Bonus Apostolic Constitution and discussed in the last century codifying proceedings. This is the hypothesis of a Lex Propria of the College or, at least, for its collegiate manifestation, which is the Consistory.
€ 6,00