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Arturo Dalmartello nel diritto commerciale digital Arturo Dalmartello nel diritto commerciale
Anno: 2009
The article explores the sixty-year activity in the area of commercial law (1933-1996) by Arturo Dalmartello, a man belonging to that group of scholars – formed in the period between the 1882 Commercial Code and the 1942 Civil Code – who have marked an era, probably unique, of commercial law studies. The pupil who has succeeded him as professor of Commercial Law at the Catholic University of Milan, after exploring the three main areas of Dalmartello’s research (company law, commercial contracts, banking and stock-brokers contracts), underlines that some of his theories, especially in the field of company law, are still of interest at the current time, dwelling at last on Dalmartello’s figure as «Teacher».
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Il diritto commerciale italiano alle soglie del XXI secolo digital Il diritto commerciale italiano alle soglie del XXI secolo
Anno: 2008
The article explores the general prospects of «Italian commercial law» in the age of economic globalization, going back to the process which led to the unification of the two codes, ended with the promulgation in 1942 of the Italian civil code and with the so called «commercialization of civil law». In particular, the article discusses the issue of the special role – and thus the conceptual independence – of commercial law, which at the dawn of the XXI century has been regaining importance among european scholars.
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