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Profili storico-dogmatici della rinuncia del Pontefice al ministero di Vescovo di Roma digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2013 - 2
Anno: 2013
The essay arises from Benedict XVI’s renunciation to papacy in order to deal with dogmatic and historical profiles of Pontiff’s renunciatio to the Ministry of Bishop of Rome. The Author examines the first historical precedent – the well-known case of Celestine V – as well as the less known ones, such as the renunciation of Gregory XII. He analyses the doctrinal debate aroused by such acts and then he focuses on legislation that, starting from the Constitution “Quoniam” of Boniface VIII, regulates the renunciatio of the successor of Peter. Particular attention is paid to the current regulation of the Petrine Office, to which are dedicate d few norms.
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Libera concorrenza nelle professioni liberali (dell’Europa unita) digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2012 - 1
Anno: 2012
ABSTRACT: This article analyses regulated professions in Europe. It observes that, historically and philosophically, due opposite models have emerged: those of the free competition and monopoly, respectively. Especially in continental countries, most regulated professions do not fall within general rules concerning the delivery of services , but are placed under «ad hoc» rules limiting free competition. However, the article argues, fi rst, that the positive norms of the EU and the case-law of the European Court of Justice have gradually undermined the assumption upon which most national restrictive rules were founded, that is to say the coincidence between the market and the State. Second, and as a result, EU law has restored the equivalence of diplomas. Finally, and consequently, national legal orders of regulated professions are evolving towards a more competitive framework and, at the same time, one that prevents the abuse of rights. KEY WORDS: regulated professions, liberalization of services, equivalence of diplomas, freedom to choose a profession, prohibition of the abuse of rights, law and economics. SOMMARIO: 1. Premessa problematica – 2. Ordine isonomico e ordine asimmetrico – 3. Le professioni in Europa: varietà di modelli – 4. Limitazioni delle asimmetrie nel mercato unico europeo – 5. Equivalenza dei titoli professionali: il divieto di abuso del diritto.
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Il problema della responsabilità delle società italiane per i reati commessi all’estero digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2011 - 1-2
Anno: 2011
ABSTRACT: The Author examines questionable points as to existing provisions on criminal liability of legal entities in relation to offences committed abroad while performing their activities, in the context of globalization which induces Italian corporations to adopt international standards and to re-locate elsewhere their activities. The Author outlines on the one hand the complex relationships between criminal substantive provisions contained in the penal code as to crimes committed abroad and on the other hand those circumstances that would impede or prevent the Italian law on criminal liability of legal entities to be fully applied in such cases. KEY WORDS: corporations, criminal responsibility, corporate crimes committed abroad. SOMMARIO: 1. Internazionalizzazione delle società e illeciti commessi all’estero – 2. La disciplina contenuta nell’art. 4 DLgs n. 231/2001 – 3. Rapporti con la disciplina del codice penale. – 4. Il richiamo all’art. 7 c.p. – 5. Il richiamo agli artt. 9 e 10 c.p. – 6. Problematiche applicative dell’art. 4 DLgs n. 231/2001: il requisito della doppia incriminazione. – 7. Delitti puniti con la multa. – 8. La presenza in Italia dell’autore del reato e della sede della società. – 9. Il principio del ne bis in idem. – 10. Reato commesso in parte in Italia: l’ambito applicativo dell’art. 6, 2°comma, c.p. – 11. Ne bis in idem e art. 6, 2°comma, c.p. – 12. Problematiche sull’accertamento della responsabilità dell’ente per il reato commesso all’estero. – 13. Ricadute nel sistema sanzionatorio
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Insostituibilità e irrevocabilità del consenso matrimoniale digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 1980 - 1-2
Anno: 1980
€ 6,00
Mutabilità ed eternità del diritto digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 1954 - 1
Anno: 1954
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