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Stefano Biancu

Libri dell'autore

La colpa: disordine e cosmos digital
formato: Articolo | JUS - 2012 - 2
Anno: 2012
Abstract: Compared to the chaotic irrationality of guilt, retribution aims to be reason itself, measure, order (cosmos). But – as I try to show in this paper – if retribution claims to be essentially rational, it is not necessarily intelligent, and that for three reasons at least. First, because of the radical impossibility of measuring guilt. Second, because a sanction cannot restore the order cancelling the disorder produced by guilt. Third, because the other order of human relations paradoxically requires a certain disorder. KEY WORDS: punishment, retribution, reason, order, disorder. SOMMARIO: 1. L’impossibile misura della colpa. – 2. La cicatrice del male. – 3. Il disordine e il legame. – 4. Conclusioni: ordine cosmico e ordine sociale.
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